Expert Meetings

EAPP encourages the organization of small scientific meetings of experts in the broad area of personality science. These meetings will be organized around topics of relevance for personality research.

Purpose of Expert Meetings

1) The purpose of these meetings is to:
a) contribute to the critical assessment of knowledge and of new developments in
personality psychology;
b) identify promising new directions for future research and teaching of personality psychology;
c) provide an advanced level forum for intensive discussion on cutting edge issues in
personality psychology and related disciplines between qualified experts and selected young
d) promote the exchange of ideas and research co-operation between EAPP personality
psychologists and scientists from related disciplines and scientific associations.

Structure of Expert Meetings

2) The expert meetings will have a duration of 2 to 3 days.
3) They will be group meetings that will involve at least 10 and at most 30 participants who will be invited to contribute their expertise.
4) At least half of the participants should be members of the EAPP.
5) The participants should be highly qualified scientists in the field of personality psychology, and include both established researchers and promising early career researchers.
6) EAPP will financially support up to two meetings every two years, although the Executive Committee (EC) of the association will exercise discretion on this rule.

EAPP will financially support up to two meetings every two years, although the Executive Committee (EC) of the association will exercise discretion on this rule. Expert meeting will be funded with a maximum of € 10000. EAPP will issue a call for proposals for expert meetings biennially. Detailed information regarding the scope of support, the application process as well as responsibilities of successful applicants can be found here.

EAPP Expert Meetings

The Multidisciplinary RKTS (Research Knowledge Transfer Scheme) "Building Inclusive Identities"2023, September 18-22Bologna, Italy
Dynamics of Personality: Integrating Nomothetic and Idiographic Approaches into a Synthetic Framework2022, July 11 (ECP Preconference)

2021, December 3-4 (Expert Meeting)
Madrid, Spain


Challenging Youth – Personality Development in Adolescence2019, September 19-21Leipzig, Germany
Integrating Post-Traumatic Growth and Personality Change2019, September 16-17Nottingham, UK
Conceptualizing and assessing personality: New approaches to fundamental questions2018, September 6-8Edinburgh, UK
Life events and personality change2018, December 17-19Berlin, Germany
New approaches to measurement of personality: translational thoughts towards applied and clinical settings2016, September 22-24Hof Ter Duinen Nieuwpoort, Belgium
Integrating personality structure and processes2015, July 27-29Annweiler am Trifels, Germany
Situations and person situation interactions2013, August 23-25Berlin, Germany
Recent developments in personality structure research and important life outcomes2012, September 19-21Dubrovnik, Croatia
Reducing non-replicable findings in personality research2012, July 14-16Trieste, Italy
Personality and Culture2010, September 29 - October 1Lausanne, Switzerland
Virtues, Values and Personality2009, October 28-30Rome, Italy