Call for Research Communications Assistant

The European Journal of Personality is looking for a new Research Communications Assistant (RCA) .

The RCA is responsible for managing the social media accounts of the European Journal of Personality (EJP) and its blog (the EJP-Blog). They share important EJP-related news related with readers and the public more broadly. They promote the journal at conferences, in the news, and online. Additionally, the RCA is responsible for promoting high-quality articles published or to be published in EJP through interviews and guest posts in the EJP-Blog, and press releases.

Please find more information about the position here.

To apply, please send CV and personal statement (max 2 pages) to René Mõttus by 1st June 2023 (

Call for Junior Scholars’ Attendance at the International EARA-EASP-EAPP Meeting “Building Inclusive Identities”

The multidisciplinary RKTS (Research Knowledge Transfer Scheme) is conducted in collaboration with the Department of Psychology “Renzo Canestrari”, University of Bologna, Italy, between 18 and 22 September 2023.

The RKTS will focus on the co-construction of knowledge among a diverse set of experts consisting of 24 early career scholars (post-docs) and 6 senior scholars acting as facilitators. The target of the RKTS are post-doctoral and junior researchers (holding a PhD). In this vein, this RKTS is meant for young researchers that, usually, have less chances to join training events (since most of them target PhD students). Applicants will be evaluated based on their CV and research interests, balancing for diverse and underrepresented geographical areas.

Please find more information here.

Application deadline is 16th June, 2023.

Call for Editor in Chief of the European Journal of Personality

The Executive Committee of the European Association of Personality Psychology (EAPP) is seeking a new Editor-in-Chief for the European Journal of Personality (EJP).

The EJP, published in collaboration with SAGE, is an official EAPP outlet that publishes a diverse range of empirical, review, theoretical, and methodological articles. The most notable topics covered in the EJP include – but are not limited to – the structure, assessment, causes, and consequences of personality differences between people, variability and developmental changes within individuals, and the interactions of these with experiences. The EJP consistently attracts excellent papers and thus has the highest impact factor of all purely personality-psychological journals (2-year impact factor, IF: 7.0; 5-year IF: 7.0).

The Editor-in-Chief (EiC) is responsible for leadership of the journal, liaison with the publisher (Sage) and the publishing association (EAPP), the coordination and processing of content for publication, and promotion of the published research and the journal.

For more details about the EJP and the position of the EiC, please click here.

Application deadline: 1st August 2023

Start date: 1st October 2024 (phase-in period starts January 2024)

Length of term: 4 years (October 2024 – September 2028)

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