Why become an EAPP member

EAPP is committed to promoting personality psychology within Europe and beyond. In doing so and to fulfill the mission of fostering diversity and inclusion, a core aspect of EAPP is the support of EAPP members with several initiatives. The initiatives may target different groups of researchers, but all of them are reasons to become an EAPP member as members get several benefits and preferential treatments (e.g., reduced conference fees, possibilities to submit proposals, etc.). Further, EAPP is currently the only scientific association focused purely on personality psychology that offers such a comprehensive package to its members. With an EAPP membership, you:

  1. Become eligible for EAPP awards
  2. Pay reduced fees to attend the ECP conferences
  3. Have free online access to the European Journal of Personality and the SAGE Research Methods (SRM) platform
  4. Have plenty of opportunities to network with leading personality researchers
  5. Can present research in exclusive EAPP invited symposia at affiliated conferences
  6. Can submit proposals for sponsored expert workshops
  7. Get preferential treatment to enroll in summer schools and workshops
  8. Can apply for small stipends and grants
  9. Can benefit from special opportunities if you are working at a low-income or underrepresented region
  10. Get access to our newsletter with calls (e.g., awards, special issues, etc.), job ads, etc.

An overview of our current (and planned) initiatives is available here.