Promoting scholarly excellence

EAPP believes in honoring and recognizing scientific achievements by means of awards at various career levels.

Please find a summary of the 2023 EAPP Award winners here.

EAPP Career Awards (2012-now)

Starting in 2012, EAPP has implemented a system of awards focusing on different career stages (this replaced the Distinguished Personality Psychologist Award system that was in place in 2008 and 2010, see below). Starting in 2020, the dissertation award will further complement the EAPP career awards. The purpose of our career awards is to increase the visibility of personality psychology both to the scientific community as well as to the general public. The winners of all awards receive a plaque, a personal prize of 1,000€, and a free two-year membership to the EAPP. The winner of the Life-time Achievement Award and the Leadership and Service Award will receive an honorary membership of the EAPP.

General criteria

  • Outstanding program of research
  • Contribution to personality psychology in Europe and the rest of the world

Dissertation Award (starting in 2020)

The award honors and promotes up to two excellent dissertations within personality psychology (broadly defined) to increase the visibility of outstanding young personality psychologists both to the scientific community as well as to the general public.

Formal requirements

  • PhD within the last two years before the reception of the award
  • EAPP membership or having applied for membership

Early Achievement Award

The award is given to a young psychologist whose extraordinary early achievements in personality psychology (broadly defined) have already made a significant impact in the field. It is given every two years.

Formal requirements

  • PhD within 11 years at the month of reception of the award
  • EAPP membership

EAPP-EASP Award (starting in 2020)

This biennial award honors European researchers who study phenomena at the crossroads of personality and social psychology and who have greatly contributed to both fields. The award will be given at either the biennial EAPP members meeting or the triennial EASP members meeting.

Formal requirements

  • Active membership in either EAPP, EASP, or both
  • Mid-career researcher

Mid-Career Award

The award honors personality psychologists with a mature, influential record of research.

Formal requirements

  • EAPP membership
  • Active involvement in research at the time of nomination
  • PhD awarded 12-25 years previously

Life-Time Achievement Award

The award honors outstanding researchers whose life work has had a significant and profound impact on the field of personality psychology (broadly defined).

Formal requirement

  • EAPP membership

Leadership and Service Award

The award promotes important, unique, or long-lasting contributions that stand out, coming from individuals showing exceptional service, dedication, and/or leadership in and to the field of personality psychology (broadly defined) and/or the EAPP.

Formal requirement

  • Active membership (or having applied for membership) of EAPP

ECP Poster Awards

Poster presentations are an important and efficient means to exchange ideas and results at modern scientific conferences. Since the 9th European Conference on Personality (ECP-9, Guilford, UK, 1998), the EAPP has the tradition to award poster presentations of high quality.

The winners receive a certificate and prize money depending on the ranking of the poster:

  • First prize: 500€
  • Second prize: 300€
  • Third prize: 200€

Distinguished Personality Psychologist Award (2008 and 2010)

In 2008 and 2010, EAPP awarded a Distinguished Personality Psychologist Award to honor outstanding contributions to European personality psychology. These awards were the forerunner of the Life-Time Achievement Award and the Mid-Career Award, respectively.