Our values

Research Ethics and Integrity

The EAPP follows the EFPA meta-code of ethics and the European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, and we expect the same from our members throughout their membership of EAPP.

EAPP Diversity Statement

EAPP is dedicated to the promotion of personality psychology in Europe and beyond. Hence, it aims to ensure that the association and its resources are accessible to researchers and students from all geographical regions of Europe and beyond, unrestricted by social group membership such as gender and career status. In particular, EAPP is committed to promoting diversity within the association—for example, regarding gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, or another group status, as well as geographic, thematic, and methodological diversity—and to facilitate a supportive and inclusive environment for members from a diverse background.

As such, EAPP embraces basic values of mutual respect, inclusion, and free expression of ideas. EAPP endorses the shared responsibility of its members to create a respectful and inclusive environment. EAPP and its Executive Committee work toward (1) achieving and maintaining a diverse membership, and (2) promoting the involvement of members from currently underrepresented regions of Europe and underrepresented groups in the association’s activities.

Achieving and promoting diversity is core to EAPP’s activities.

  • Diversity, in its various aspects, is an important criterion in all selection decisions made by the Executive Committee or other representatives of EAPP (e.g., for awards, stipends, workshop or summer school participants).
  • The EC engages in active efforts to attract a diverse pool of candidates for elections or selection decisions.
  • The importance of promoting diversity is emphasized to organizers of all meetings, conferences, workshops, summer schools, or conference symposia that EAPP sponsors, as well as to the editors of its journal. All calls for proposals include this emphasis.

The EC appoints a diversity representative (diversity@eapp.org) whose responsibility is to

–        Monitor diversity in EAPP and its activities

–        Initiate efforts to foster diversity

–        Support the creation of inclusive practices