European Conferences on Personality

The EAPP organizes biennial conferences, called “European Conference on Personality” consisting of symposia addressing various topics of interest to the Association, paper presentations, poster sessions, invited lectures, and other forms of exchange that may be fruitful to the advancement of personality psychology. At each conference, agreements are made about the location and the organizational responsibilities of future conferences.

EAPP Conferences

Conference 2028ECP232028, TBAUtrecht, The Netherlands
Conference 2026ECP222026, TBAEdinburgh, UK
Conference 2024ECP212024, August 6-9Berlin, Germany
Conference 2022ECP202022, July 12-15Madrid, Spain
Conference 2021EAPP Day 20212021, October 27Online
Conference 2020ECP202020, July 14-17cancelled
Conference 2018ECP192018, July 17-21Zadar, Croatia
Conference 2016ECP182016, July 19-23Timisoara, Romania
Conference 2014ECP172014, July 15-19Lausanne, Switzerland
Conference 2012ECP162012, July 10-14Trieste, Italy
Conference 2010ECP152010, July 20-24Brno, Czech Republic
Conference 2008ECP142008, July 16-20Tartu, Estonia
Conference 2006ECP132006, July 22-26Athens, Greece
Conference 2004ECP122004, July 18-22Groningen, The Netherlands
Conference 2002ECP112002, July 21-25Jena, Germany
Conference 2000ECP102000, July 16-20Cracow, Poland
Conference 1998ECP91998, July 7-11Surrey, UK
Conference 1996ECP81996, July 8-12Ghent, Belgium
Conference 1994ECP71994, July 12-16Madrid, Spain
Conference 1992ECP61992, June 16-19Groningen, The Netherlands
Conference 1990ECP51990, June 12-15Rome, Italy
Conference 1988ECP41988, June 20-23Stockholm, Sweden
Conference 1986ECP31986, SeptemberGdańsk, Poland
Conference 1984ECP21984, May 16-19Bielefeld, Germany
Conference 1982ECP11982, May 17-19Tilburg, The Netherlands