Membership fees

EAPP Members are bound to pay an annual subscription fixed by the Executive Committee.

Annual fees (full membership)

Fee for members from countries with high-income economiesa)

  • including EJP subscription: € 80.-
  • excluding EJP subscription € 40.-

Reduced fee for members from countries with low- or middle- income economiesa)

  • including EJP subscription: € 35.-
  • excluding EJP subscription € 10.-

Retired EAPP member (Honorary member) b)

  • including EJP subscription: € 80.-
  • excluding EJP subscription: – (exempted from fees)

Student membership c)

  • including EJP online subscription: € 15.-

Methods of payment

1. The preferred method of payment by Credit Card.

Note that the system only accepts Mastercard and Visa. If you want to pay your membership fee by credit card, please log in into the members’ area.

Please notice that the first step before any payment is to initiate membership renewal

  • You should be logged in to your member account. Go to your member profile (click on your name on the upper right of the screen). Make sure that you have completed your personal information (full name, affiliation, address). This is particularly important if you subscribe to receive EJP because this information will be used for shipping.
  • If you want to change your membership level, you can do this prior to initiating renewal (e.g. if you want to change the subscription to receive EJP).  Click on “Renew membership”. You will receive an invoice and will be asked to proceed with the payment.

2. The alternative method of payment is a bank transfer to the EAPP:

  • ABN-AMRO bank, Groningen, The Netherlands.
  • Account number:
  • IBAN: NL36ABNA0431944695
  • Mention your name on your payment and the year of subscription.