Workshops and Seminars

See what kinds of workshops and seminars EAPP is facilitating

Purpose of workshops and seminars

The organization of such activities form part of the goals of the EAPP.

Support and application

Members should feel free to make proposals to the Executive Committee which will then be discussed on feasibility in terms of content, programming, and finances.


In the past, several workshops and seminars have been organized directly by the EAPP or have taken place under the auspices of the EAPP.

At times workshops may take place that have a clear relevance to personality psychologists, but are not organized by the EAPP. Announcements of such workshops may be made through this EAPP-site, in order to facilitate routings to such workshops.

Personality structure and development across the life-spanEAPP Workshop2000, October 29 to November 1Ghent, Belgium
Biological and social approaches to individualityEAPP Workshop1992, August 17-20Oisterwijk, The Netherlands
Crosscultural research on temperamentEAPP Workshop1991, September 7-12Nieborów, Poland
The Development of the Structure of Temperament and Personality from Infancy to AdulthoodMeeting1991, June 17-20Wassenaar, The Netherlands
Personality LanguageInvited Workshop1989, June 26-30Groningen, The Netherlands
The Diagnosis of TemperamentInterdisciplinary Workshop1987, September 7-12University of Bielefeld, Germany
Personality QuestionnairesSymposium1982, JuneUniversity of Bielefeld, Germany