Travel and Networking Grants

Overall goals

By sponsoring networking and travel stipends for Early Career Researchers (ECRs), EAPP aims to increase its regional scope and cross-national relationships among its members and support ECRs in building collaborative networks with the European personality psychologists.

Eligibility for funding

EAPP provides networking and travel stipends for cross-national visits among the members of the Association. As an eligibility requirement, the Host researcher (Host) has to be based in Europe, and Visitor’s main affiliation has to be in a country different than the one of Host. Both Host and Visitor have to be (or become) EAPP members prior to application.

  • Visitors are ECRs, i.e., PhD students or postdoctoral researchers within 5 years of the award of their PhD degree and without a tenured professorship. These durations exclude any period of career break, e.g. for family care or health reasons.
  • Duration of the visit: minimum of 1 month

What funding covers

The stipend of 5,000€ can cover the following expenses:

  • Economy class travel costs
  • Modest housing costs
  • Modest allowance of living costs
  • Research costs (e.g., research materials; participant reimbursement)

Applicants must confirm that these costs are not covered by any other funding institutions.

Two networking and travel stipends of 5,000 EUR each will be offered in non-ECP years.

EAPP Travel and Networking Grants

Grant WinnerReportDateLocation and Host
Vera Buijs2019 Travel and Networking Grant Report2020, Feb-MarHeidelberg, University
Dr. Cornelia Wrzus
Ani Grigoryan2021 Travel and Networking Grant Report2022, Feb - Mar
2022, Oct - Dec
Bergische University of Wuppertal, Dr. Anna Baumert