Recent developments in personality structure research and important life outcomes

EM 4 | 2012, September 19-21 | Dubrovnik, Croatia



  • Following the consolidation of the Big-Five or FFM personality model as the shared model, the discipline of personality psychology had witnessed an explosion of studies documenting the validity of the Big-Five dimensions as predictors of important life outcomes. Among many findings, the Big-Five dimensions have proven useful in predicting longevity/mortality, various health outcomes, educational and occupational attainment, divorce, social/political attitudes, crime and antisocial behavior, romantic relationships etc. However, the “universal status” of the BigFive has been challenged in the last years, both within the structural/psychometric studies as well as in the studies regarding the predictive validity of alternative models. The aim of the proposed expert meeting was two-fold. The first was to stimulate the discussion on the new studies on personality structure, from the lexical approach, or any other competing strategy. The second aim was to stimulate the discussion on the predictive validity of various models of personality structure.


  • Boris Mlačić (Institute Ivo Pilar)
  • Boele de Raad (University of Groningen)
  • Igor Mikloušić (Institute Ivo Pilar)