Conference 2006

ECP13 | 2006, July 22-26 | Athens, Greece



  • Frosso Motti-Stefanidi (University of Athens, Greece)

    Keynote speakers

  • Rainer Riemann (Jena University, Germany)
    • Genetic and environmental influences on personality
  • Ian Deary (University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom)
    • A lifetime of intelligence
  • Gerard Saucier (University of Oregon, USA)
    • Toward a cross-culturally generalizable taxonomy of personality dispositions
  • Ann Masten (University of Minnesota, USA)
    • Personality in resilience research
  • Mario Mikulincer (University of Bar-Ilan, Israel)
    • The experimental study of attachment processes in adulthood: A contemporary psychodynamic approach to personality
  • David Schmitt (Bradley University, USA)
    • On the origins of promiscuity: How gender personality and culture relate to the adaptive pursuit of short-term mating strategies
  • Charles Carver (University of Miami)
    • Affects associated with behavioral approach: A functional analysis
  • Andreas Demetriou (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)
    • Mind personality and emotions: Deciphering their relations

    Presidential address


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