Conference 2002

ECP11 | 2002, July 21-25 | Jena, Germany



  • Rainer Riemann (The University of Bielefeld, Germany)

     Keynote Speakers

  • Angleitner
    • Personality in adulthood: Findings from the Bielefeld Longitudinal Twin Study
  • Widiger
    • The DSM and ICD personality disorders as maladaptive variants of common personality traits: The future of clinical diagnosis
  • De Raad
    • Language traits and situations
  • Hogan
    • Reinventing personality
  • Cramer
    • The development of defense mechanisms with implications for personality functioning
  • Lindenberg
    • Personality and sociological research: A new agenda
  • Caspi
    • (Measured) genes (measured) environments and behavioral development

     Presidential address

  • Hampson
    • Integrating personality and health psychology using the health behaviour model


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