EJP News

EJP’s new website has been launched, and it offers 4 months of free access to articles until the end of March 2021! Additionally, members of EAPP will benefit from free access to SAGE Research Methods as well as 3 months’ free access to the SAGE Psychology Video Collection from January 1st 2021.

In terms of policies and guidelines:

  • We have new and streamlined submission guidelines, which give authors clear advice on how to prepare their manuscripts.

  • We have updated the Evaluation Criteria that editors and reviewers follow, so that the editorial process is consistent and transparent. Authors are strongly advised to read the Evaluation Criteria before submitting their work.

  • We have also updated our Open Science Policy. For one example, we now require all information related to Open Science to be reported in a separate section of the manuscript. The changes will help us maintain and even improve the journal’s very strong position in Open Science, reflected in a high Top Factor Score (topfactor.org)

Other exciting changes

We also have an enthusiastic partly renewed team of Associate Editors (make sure to check out our interview with the freshly-minted Associate Editors here) and we have expanded our Editorial Board to 75 members with a special eye on diversity and range of expertise.

We also plan to expand our post-publication outreach in social media and other channels, including a newsletter that will feature brief summaries of new articles accepted to the journal. This will increase the visibility of the articles published in EJP.

You can follow our EJP-Blog and Twitter feed.

Especially, we are very excited about the Personality Psychology Podcast, which EAPP Early Career Representative Rebekka Weidmann will host together with EJP’s Editor-in-Chief René Mõttus and the Communications Editor Lisanne de Moor. The Personality Psychology Podcast will have its first airing in January 2021 and will then have monthly shows with talks, interviews, and group discussions with fascinating personality researchers.


Reasons for publishing in EJP

Finally, we emphasize key features of European Journal of Personality:

  • EJP is one of the premium outlets of the field with a high 2-year impact factor of 3.9 and an ever-rising 5-year impact factor of 5.2 in 2019.

  • EJP is strongly committed to Open Science and expects authors to follow our clear Open Science Policy.

  • EJP has fast editorial turnaround time, based on clearly articulated and transparent Evaluation Criteria.

  • EJP has a pro-active approach to its content, soliciting influential target articles and special issues on a broad range of topics, on top of a diverse range of regular submissions.

  • EJP publishes on all topics related to individual differences and greatly values the diversity of content.

  • EJP welcomes research and is read and cited by researchers all across the world.