The Virtual 2021 EAPP Day

The Virtual 2021 EAPP Day:

Featuring the Growing European Community of Personality Researchers

Wednesday, 27th October, 2021, 13:00 – 19:30 (CEST) on Zoom

Thanks to everyone who has participated and contributed to the 2021 EAPP Day on the 27th October, 2021.

13:00—13:10 Welcome and opening words

Professor Anu Realo (University of Warwick, UK), EAPP President


13:10—14:00 Keynote talk “Managing Identities in Diverse Societies”

Professor Elisabetta Crocetti (University of Bologna, Italy)


14:00—15:30 EAPP annual members’ meeting

(open for EAPP members only)


15:30—15:45 Break


15:45—16:30 2021 EAPP European Personality Psychology Dissertation Award ceremony

Chaired by Professor Florin Sava (University of Timisoara, Romania), Chair of the Award Committee

Invited talk “The Geography of Personality: On the Consequences of Regional Personality Differences for Regions and Individuals”
Dr Tobias Ebert (University of Mannheim, Germany), the winner of the award


16:30—17:00 Meet the Editor(s) of European Journal of Personality (EJP)
Chaired by Dr René Mõttus (University of Edinburgh, UK), Editor-in-Chief of EJP


17:00—17:30 Meet the Editor(s) of Personality Science (PS)
Chaired by Professor John Rauthmann (University of Bielefeld, Germany), Editor-in- Chief of PS


17:30—18:30 The Personality Psychology Podcast live recording

Hosted by Dr. Rebekka Weidmann (Michigan State University, USA), Dr. René Mõttus (University of Edinburgh, UK) and Lisanne de Moor (Utrecht University, NL)


18:30—19:30 Virtual social event and networking on Gather


Download the program to the event here.