Mid-Career Award

Award Winners

Prof. Denissen’s landmark contributions to the field of personality psychology, which also incorporate approaches from social and developmental psychology, are characterized by great innovativeness, interdisciplinarity, and methodological rigor. He has managed to make excellent contributions in research domains as different as personality development, trait theories, evolutionary psychology, motivation science, and self-perception research. Among his most outstanding conceptual contributions are theoretical models explaining the motivational underpinnings of personality, the causal processes underlying inborn individual differences and personality development across the life span. These models have been put to rigorous empirical tests in highly impactful studies investigating the interplay between person and the environment over the life course. Prof. Denissen has also served in several editorial positions for top journals in the fields of personality and developmental psychology and has motivated and inspired many young scholars.


Jaap Denissen
Utrecht University, Netherlands



Ulrich Orth
University of Bern, Switzerland



Vassilis Saroglou
Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium



Rainer Riemann
Bielefeld University, Germany