Life-Time Achievement Award

Award Winners


The 2020 EAPP Lifetime Achievement Award is given to William Revelle for the substantive scientific merit of his work, involving high quality research with sophisticated methodological approaches, as well as for his continuous and impactful efforts working to create collaborative bridges between Europe and North America. Last but not least, the reviewers highly appreciate his important and long-term presence in all the events of our association. The selection committee was chaired by Jérôme Rossier and further included Wendy Johnson and Juri Allik.  Congratulations to Bill Revelle!


William Revelle
Northwestern University, USA


Jüri Allik
University of Tartu, Estonia



Jens Asendorpf
Humboldt University, Germany



Jan Strelau
Warsaw University, Poland


Alois Angleitner
Bielefeld University, Germany