ECP Poster Award

Award Winners


Will we become what we aspire to? A longitudinal study on how life goals and personality are intertwined Laura Buchinger, Theresa M. Entringer, David Richter, Caroline Wehner, Gert G. Wagner, Denis Gerstorf & Wiebke Bleidorn (DIW Berlin, Germany)20221st500€
Perception of Major Life Events and Personality Trait ChangePeter Haehner, Andrew Rakhshani, Ina Fassbender, Richard E. Lucas, M. Brent Donnellan & Maike Luhmann (Ruhr University Bochum, Germany)
Development and Validation of a Two-Dimensional Rotation Ability Scale
Kendall Amy Mather, Sara Weston & David Condon (University of Oregon, USA)
Validation of an online-tool to measure individual styles in snap personality judgmentsRichard Rau, Wiebke Bleidorn, Steffen Nestler, Michael Dufner, and Steffen Nestler (University of Leipzig, Germany)2018no rank500€
How do narcissistic children respond to gaining and losing social status? An experimental-electromyography studyEfstathios Grapsas, Jaap Denissen (Tilburg University, The Netherlands), Eddie Brummelman (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Hae Yeon Lee (University of Texas at Austin, USA) 2018no rank500€
A teacher like me: Personality similarity between Brazilian teachers and studentsGina Pancorbo, Loes Abrahams, Filip De Fruyt (Ghent University, Belgium), Mieke Decuyper (Thomas More University, Belgium), Jacob Laros (University of Brasilia, Brazil)2018no rank500€
Do narcissism and emotional intelligence win us friends? Modeling dynamics of peer popularity using inferential network analysisAnna Z. Czarna, Magdalena Śmieja (Jagiellonian University, Poland), Philip Leifeld (University of Oxford, UK),
Michael Dufner (University of Leipzig, Germany), Peter Salovey (Yale University, USA)
Appearing smart, confident and motivated: A lens model approach to teachers’ judgment accuracyCaroline V. Wahle, Friedrich-Wilhelm Schrader, Johanna Pretsch, Hochdörffer Katrin (University of Koblenz-Landau, Germany), Mitja D. Back, Steffen Nestler (University of Münster, Germany), Anna-Katharina Praetorius (The German Institute for International Educational Research, Germany)20161st500€
Trajectories of change in symptom distress in a clinical group of late
adolescents: The role of maladaptive personality traits and relations with parents
Nagila Koster, Marcel van Aken (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Odilia Laceulle (Tilburg University, Netherlands),
Paul van der Heijden (Reinier van Arkel, Netherlands)
Know yourself and you will be lovedSarah Humberg, Steffen Nestler (University of Münster, Germany), Stefan C. Schmukle (University of Leipzig, Germany), Boris Egloff (University of Mainz, Germany) & Mitja D. Back (University of Münster, Germany)20141st500€
Cross-cultural age difference in personality traits: evidence from the US and JapanYusuke Takahashi (Kyoto University, Japan), Takahiro Hoshino (The University of Tokyo, Japan), & Brent W. Roberts (University of Illinois, United States)20142nd300€
Motive conflicts and dreaming: Incongruence between implicit and explicit affiliation motives is related to affective dream experienceBirk Hagemeyer, Marcel Fischer, Marcus Mund, & Franz J. Neyer (University of Jena, Germany)20143rd200€
How Big Five Relates to Electroencephalographic and Behavioural Correlates of Eye ContactHelen Uibo, Jüri Allik (University of Tartu, Estonia) & Jari Hietanen (University of Tampere, Finland)20121st500€
Primary Affective Responses May Be Immune To PersonalityAndero Uusberg, Helen Uibo, Kairi Kreegipuu & Jüri Allik (University of Tartu, Estonia)20122nd300€
Action oriented individuals are less vulnerable to ego depletionPeter Gröpel, Jügen Beckmann (Technical University Of Munich, Germany)20123rd200€
Inferring Social Attitudes at Zero AcquaintanceTeodora Mateeva and Rainer Riemann (Bielefeld University, Germany)20101st250€
What Does Our Face Tell us about Our Political Attitudes? A Geometric Morphometrical Investigation among Male University StudentsValentin Riemer, Christoph Burger, Anita Neskovic, Sigrid Reiter, Agnieszka Jaworska, Andreas Olbrich and Andreas Hergovich (University of Vienna, Austria)20102nd150€
http://Personality Changes in Patients With Alzheimer's DiseaseCornelia Pocnet, Jean-Philippe Antonietti, Jerome Rossier (University of Lausanne, Switzerland) and Armin Von Gunten (Service Universitaire de Psychiatrie de l'Age Avance, Switzerland)20103rd100€
Distance Regulation in Couples across Adulthood: Living Apart Together versus Living Close TogetherWiebke Nebrich and Jens B. Asendorpf (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany)20081st250€
The Differential Effect of Context in Zero-Acquaintance Judgments: Is More Information Always Better?Helen Wall and Paul Taylor (Lancaster University, United Kingdom)20082nd150€
The Influence of Weather on Affective Experience: An Experience Sampling StudyLiisi Kööts, Jüri Allik, and Anu Realo (University of Tartu, Estonia)20083rd100€
Big-Five Model in Relation to the Circumplex Structure of the Holland ModelChristian Tarnai, Nadja Pfuhl, and Peter Schmolck (University of the German Federal Armed Forces Germany)20061st250€
Ancient Personality: Trait Attributions to Characters in Homer’s IliadConstantine Passakos (University of Athens, Greece) and Boele De Raad (University of Groningen, The Netherlands)20062nd150€
Who is late and who is early? Big-Five personality factors and punctuality in attending psychological experimentsMitja Back, Stefan Schmukle, and Boris Egloff (University of Leipzig, Germany)20063rd100€