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EAPP 2012 award winners honored in Trieste

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EAPP promotes scholarly excellence

EAPP promotes scholarly excellence

published: 07.08.2012 by Jaap Denissen (Editor)

During the 16th European Conference of Personality in Trieste, EAPP announced the winners of several awards:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Alois Angleitner (Bielefeld University) and Jan Strelau (Warsaw University, Poland) equally shared the award
  • Early Achievement Award: Lars Penke (University of Edinburgh, Department of Psychology, UK)
  • Poster Awars: 1) Helen Uibo (University of Tartu, Estonia), 2) Andero Uusberg (University of Tartu, Estonia), 3) Peter gröpel (Technical University Of Munich, Germany)

EAPP congratulates all winners!