EAPP EC Statement on the War in Ukraine

28th February 2022

Dear Members and Friends of EAPP,

We share the grave concern and anxiety that many feel about the raging war in the heart of Europe. There is no justification to Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine—the violent and unprovoked attack on Ukraine and its people is an attack on all of us, regardless of our nationality or country of origin, who believe in democracy and freedom. In these difficult times, we stand with all our colleagues and their families who are affected by the ongoing conflict.

In response to the developing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, we would like to make a plea to all members and friends of EAPP to support Ukraine and its people via the International Committee of Red Cross, the UN Refugee Agency, or any other aid agency that is operating in your country. This is the least we can do right now. Also, if you are directly affected by the crisis or know a colleague who is, please reach out to us if you think we can assist with coordinating help and support.

We also forward a statement by the European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations (EFPA) on the conflict that can be accessed here: https://www.efpa.eu/european-psychology-response-current-conflict.

Best wishes and stay safe,

EAPP Executive Committee