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Standing Orders

European Association of Personality Psychology Standing Orders

1. Procedure for the admission of members (Article 3, para. 4.).

Persons interested in joining the Association should apply to the secretary of the Executive Committee, on the form provided, giving information concerning their academic and professional history. The secretary will refer such applications to the Executive Committee, or to a subcommittee appointed by the Executive Committee, for the purpose of deciding upon the admission of new members. If the Executive Committee, or its subcommittee, considers that a candidate satisfies the requirements for membership, his or her name shall be notified to all members.

2. Procedure for the election and terms of office of the members of the Executive Committee (Article 8, para. 4).

Members' meetings take place annually in accordance with Article 11, para. 2. Election of members of the Executive Committee takes place at alternate members' meetings which coincide with the Association's biennial conference. ft is this members' meeting to which this standing order refers. At least four months before the members' meeting, the Executive Committee will ask the members for nominations to vacancies. Nominations by at least two members must be sent to the secretary not later than three months before the members' meeting. If insufficient nominations are received (i.e., at least two more than the number of vacancies) the Executive Committee will add its own nominations. Members will receive a ballot form by post not later than one month before the members' meeting. At the election, the secretary will hand over the sealed envelopes from absent members to the scrutineers. The voting will be by secret ballot and candidates who receive the largest number of votes will be declared elected, subject to the restriction that not more than two candidates from one nation can serve on the Executive Committee. In case of ties, a second ballot confined to the members' meeting will be conducted. The, Executive Committee shall consist of seven members. The period of office of members of the Executive Committee is defined in terms of intervals, which refer to periods between two members' biennial ordinary meetings. No one, the secretary~lect excepted, can serve for more than three intervals. Members of the Executive Committee shall not hold any function (president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer) for more than two intervals. The Editor-in-Chief of the European Journal of Personality and the Chairperson of the Conference Committee are members of the Executive Committee ex officio.